Immigration as war

Our population is edging closer and closer to seventy million souls, thanks to unrestricted immigration—a legacy of 70’s Labour and 80’s Tory governments—and the tendency to suffer the work of NGOs, which since 2015 have transported countless “Syrian” “refugees” in lorries and ferries across to our shores.  Many of these opportunist migrants are drains on our people.  We raise, amongst myriad catastrophes, these objections:

  • Immigrants require and fill jobs that our youth deserve access to.
  • Immigrants commit crime and take up space in our prisons.
  • Immigrants come from impoverished and incompatible cultures.


We have growing youth unemployment, and a serious university debt problem, where most university subjects are useless, where the majority of graduates go into a job entirely unrelated to their degree.  This couples an aging population problem, where trained craftsmen are gradually disappearing, taking everything with them, which exacerbates a serious renting problem, where the majority of millennials will spend their entire life renting a property, and due to near-zero interest rates they will be unable to leave anything for the next generation.  The backbone of our nation’s workforce, therefore, is being undermined, and yet we are importing untrained, violent, aggressive young men.

In Germany, the rates of employment amongst refugees is laughable—and entirely predictable—but the real worry is that they will engage in the workforce: the trouble is that migrants become citizens.

Mass immigration, or immigration from any culture unlike ours, while keeping to the lie that assimilation is possible for racially different peoples, is ruining our civilisation, and robbing our children of their futures.  To clarify, they are not lawyers, journalists or doctors, but neither must we welcome them if they were.  These men come from tribal societies, where each person has a real connexion to their people and their extended family, and so has dozens of cousins which he has a responsibility to provide for, and for which adult social workers will bend over backwards in advocating for family reunification.

In the best case scenario—indeed, in the capitalist’s wildest dreams—an immigrant steals a job from an Englishman, buys up a house, and gradually transforms the neighbourhood around them.  Inevitably, this neighbourhood now speaks another language, has different customs and tastes, and overcrowds local classrooms and public services.  These immigrants, by their nature, eventually turn our pleasant land into the type of place that they fled.  And taking the worse—absolutely the worse—scenario, these people wield knives and stab native Europeans to death, or build bombs and blow up public transport, they would not be deported, but kept within our prison systems, costing our councils between £40,000 and £80,000 per person, per year.

We would all be interested to have a run-down of all the crimes committed in Britain by non-Europeans, but unfortunately these numbers are either incalculable or willfully hidden from us.  This is the very serious effect on law enforcement.  Police gave up attempting to patrol communities on foot, and we all know the crime statistics, usually tryingly fudged, on violence from non-native populations—these represent the rates at which their disparate and alien cultures comes up against our polite and civilised one—but we also need a firm understanding of what is ongoing within these foreign communities.  The Chief Inspector of Constabulary, Tom Winsor, told The Times the following in an interview in 2014, and since then the situation has surely only become more dire:

There are some communities born under other skies who will not involve the police at all.  I am reluctant to name the communities in question but there are communities from other cultures who would prefer to police themselves.  There are cities in the Midlands where the police never go because they are never called.  They never hear of any trouble because the community deals with that on its own. . . .  They just have their own form of community justice.


Mr. Winsor also said that we do not even know what injustices are being committed, and that it is “almost a closed book,” and that it could be “anything from low-level crime right up to murder.”  What Mr. Winsor refers to here is honour killings, which we know are part and parcel of living in a big city, once we have invited the entirety of the world to live within our borders; it is this citizen of the world which causes this crime—for it is not urbanism which creates these horrors, but people.  Mr. Winsor is reluctant to name these communities, but we know to whom he refers: these are of the ethnicity which populates our good ally Saudi Arabia, which saw 47 people beheaded in one day in 2016.

This, tragically, shows again how they are unsuited for our way of life, how they are not us.  It is impossible for us, therefore, to have a firm understanding of just how much crime is undergone in these areas, just how many of the previously listed shocking and disgusting acts are committed, and how often.  This is the true cost of immigration; we have streets where officers cannot police, areas where crime goes unchecked, entire neighbourhoods where native populations have been pushed out.  If you live in an urban environment, and you are a suitably conscious individual, you know as well as anyone how many times in a day your life is subtly affected by a view of people from a that is entirely alien to you, or an uncaring passer-by littering for he has no love of nature, or an unclean man with no sense of personal space, or not-so-subtly interrupted by a group of proselytising through a loud-speaker in a foreign tongue, pushing upon the population an entirely foreign and destructive religion.

But, as important as the natures of these peoples are, it is not, of course, their only reason for animosity.  It seems to have very recently pierced the British conscience that perhaps our overseas bombing-led wars in the Middle East—whether for oil or to cause instability, or on behalf of Israel, or to reinforce our special friendship with the United States of America—have caused some ill-will towards us.  It destroys countries, such as Iraq, Syria, Lybia and Afghanistan, giving NGOs another excuse to cart their peoples over to our country, and when the war-displaced are here and see our media peppering the airwaves with images of the devastation they call home, and when their community leaders reinforce the belief that they are unwelcome in this land and are discriminated against by Europeans—but for some reason still deserve to be here—they can only respond with rage.


The true cost of immigration is not just how our people have been damaged thus far, the interracial crime, the economic effects, the loss and alienation, but that the trend is not being reversed; in fact it is being exacerbated.  All of these facts are clear and obvious to any who comes into contact with them, and it is no longer possible to believe that our leaders, our politicians and clergymen, are oblivious to them.

It was cleverly intimated by a certain podcast that what we have done in Britain is attempted to recreate, likely unknowingly, the British Empire within our own borders.  We have to reverse this trend, and find within ourselves the will to speak out against the globalist power structure; we need to redevelop a sense of national self-defence.  The responsibility of our government and our Security Services has historically been, and should always be, the safety of our people, or in pre-modern terms, that which is good for us, but lately this seems to have changed to become something more akin to whatever the current government considers justice to be, usually at the expense of European people.  And this justice always seems to favour a specific group of people, or turns out to be that which is good for capital.

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